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Contact details : Mark Clifton

Address : Colabs at 1056 Budapest Irányi utca 3

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone : +36308138749
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General terms and conditions


  1. Pre payment is required prior to course participation.
  2. This payment is valid for each course / programme (standard programmes are 28 hours and 7 weeks in duration) and cannot be refunded, unless student participation on the course needs to be postponed, if this is the case provided a minimum of one week notice is received, the participant can move to a future programme.
  3. Should a participant miss any of the courses due to illness or accident, provided full proof (Dr’s note) can be provided they shall be allowed to make up the missing lessons with another similar level category group. If however, the student cannot prove this, they will forfeit any of their allocated/pre paid courses.
  4. The tutor reserves the right to postpone any of the listed courses should he be unable to hold the programme due to illness or unavailability this will be communicated to all participants within a reasonable notice period, minimum 1 week and this postponement will not affect the participants outstanding course allocation.
  5. If the lesson has to be cancelled due to unavoidablle circumstsances and the student arrives for the course without being informed of cancellation then he/she shall be entitled to a free 1-2-1 lesson.
  6. All lessons are based on 45 minutes periods and therefore the standard daily session will be 90 minutes inclusive (2 x 45 minutes).


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