Why the Brit?



English conversation courses that will develop your fluency and ability to communicate both at home and abroad for business and pleasure.

Increase your CONFIDENCE increase your POTENTIAL, learn with "The BRIT" !

Are you...

  • already at intermediate to advanced level and feel the need to develop your language skills ?
  • currently studying English but uncomfortable having a conversation ...with a native speaker ?

Do you want....

  • qualified and personal attention without having to pay for private lessons ?
  • to work or study abroad and want to feel comfortable using English and understanding the British culture ?
  • to improve yourself and become more marketable in the workplace ?
  • study in small personal surroundings rather than in a large impersonal class ?
  • to meet new contacts and likeminded people ?


...If the answer is YES to all of the above Then studying with 'THE BRIT' is the right choice for you !