Having spent over ten years living and working within the CEU region, predominantly based in Budapest, I have gained considerable business and inter-cultural experience both in working with and leading successful teams in a variety of business environments including sales, training, operations and customer service.

I moved into training and consultancy development in 2000 and since that time I have worked with a series of international companies in helping them develop all aspects of their sales performance, business communication strategies as well as assisting in cross cultural issues.

I have direct working experience within the following sectors:

  • FMCG
  • Publishing
  • Media
  • New Media
  • Marketing Services
  • Catering & Hospitality


  1. Business communication skills (in English).
  2. Professional/ Business English.
  3. Conversational English for Management.
  4. Speech/Copy writing consultancy.
  5. On-line consultancy via Skype 

1. Business communications skills

Provides Managers with the opportunity to practice and develop communication fluency and usage, the course is ideally suited to executives that travel, represent and correspond at international level and incorporates the following techniques;

  • Presentation skills
  • Sales demonstrations
  • Internal/external meetings
  • Negotiations
  • Business Etiquette
  • Rhetoric Skills

2. Professional/Business English

English is the business language used on a CEU regional basis and therefore its practice and use is vital irrespective of sector code. Business Professional courses are designed for people who need to use English in the workplace. The course content focuses on essential language and terminology used in the business world. This course is designed for executives working at international level in the following professional fields; Sales, Marketing and PR.
I can cover these areas on both practical and theoretical levels or to internal company specification;

I can work with different departments if required, however, my main experience and knowledge is in the above areas.

3. Conversational English for Management.

This option focuses purely on conversational format, with an agreed daily/weekly subject or issue to be discussed. We will use daily newspapers, magazines, journals or online materials as the source for debate and introduce new vocabulary, language use and pronunciation.

4. Speech writing / Copy writing consultancy.

I can offer creative input and suggestion to existing material and assist with designing and compiling new materials.

5. On-line consultancy via Skype.

In order to maximise time and to avoid missing any sessions due to travel commitments, I can arrange an online session for the delegate, so he/she can continue the programme wherever they happen to be. Skype offers a useful method of interaction allowing visual/oral communication anywhere in the world.

These programmes are available on the following basis:

  • Group (up to 10) *
  • Personalised (2-5)
  • One to one.

* These will need to be pre booked and will involve a surcharge based on prior preparation.

All courses can be tailored to fit your specific/sector requirements.

Prices on application.