About me


Mark Clifton 

CELTA (Tefl), BA (Business Studies) MSc (Marketing Management)

I moved into the Education and Training development sector in 2003 following fifteen years working in the commercial sector and since that time I have worked with a series of international companies in helping them develop all aspects of their Sales and Marketing performance, Business communication strategies as well as assisting in Cross Cultural issues.


Based on this exposure to industry at both national and international level, I have been invited to appear as guest lecturer as well as hold regular modules at the following institutions;

International Business School,  Budapest, Hungary
St.Istvan University Budapest, Hungary
A.V.F School of Management, Budapest, Hungary
City University of Seattle, Bratislava, Slovakia
Kaplan open learning (e learning University), Leeds, UK

My method -  The Confidence model
(Confidence model: Concept, Context and Communicate = CONFIDENCE) focuses on fluency and group interaction and as a result encourages student development and confidence in their communication abilities.These programmes are designed to encourage ‘free flowing’ conversation and debate, this in turn empowers the student to gain in confidence using the language and releasing their full potential whatever their needs or requirements.There will also be focus on different aspects of English pronunciation, including intonation, stress patterns and individual sounds.